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Printable Battery Benefits

"Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere" Carl Sagan

The key advantages of Power Paper's fully printable batteries include:

Thin and flexible allowing for custom design
: At a thickness of only 0.6 – 0.7 mm. The thin battery is flexible and can be bent or twisted repeatedly at sharp angles. The printed batteries have the same elasticity and flexibility as the paper or plastic surface onto which they are printed, and can be shaped to fit the size, thickness, and form of a wide range of products for cosmetic, consumer, medical, industrial and defense applications.

Click here to view how Power Paper's batteries can be folded
Click here to view how Power Paper's batteries are extremely flexible and operational while bent
Click here to view the resilience of the Power Paper battery, even while cut

Power Paper's printed thin and disposable battery series

Environment-friendly and bio-friendly Batteries -
The materials used for Power Paper’s printed thin battery and integration technologies are environmentally safe according to international standards. The cells do not contain any heavy metals such as mercury, lead or cadmium, commonly found in conventional batteries. As international standards for battery-powered devices evolve and manufacturers seek cleaner, greener batteries to power their devices, Power Paper is well-positioned to supply this demand. For more information, see Environmental Advantages.

Proven performance -
 Power Paper's printed thin batteries have been used in commercially-available products for nearly a decade, with tens of millions of units shipped. The cells perform well over a wide range of temperatures and humidity levels, featuring a flat discharge curve (see below).

Low-cost mass production using a conventional screen-printing processes -
 Production costs for Power Paper's thin printed batteries are very low. Using a conventional printing process, cells are manufactured by industry-standard printing, drying and laminating equipment and processes, resulting in competitive material costs.

High safety features
- Power Paper's disposable thin battery's cells contain no caustic chemicals, and cannot overheat, explode, or cause burns or electrical shock. They are non-toxic and non-flammable and can therefore be freely shipped, stored, and disposed of after use.

Fully integratable
– Power Paper's disposable thin battery's cells can be printed directly into or onto the end-product for seamless integration. Part of the cells may even have dual functions to serve the purpose of the end-product.

Flat discharge curve - Power Paper's disposable thin battery's cells feature a straight and stable discharge curve until complete depletion of their capacity, enabling steady performance of powered products over time.

rated capacity


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