The types of products and applications that can utilize Power Paper's micro-power source cells are limitless.

Power Paper's patented thin, flexible, disposable, environmentally green, cost effective printable batteries are suitable for use in a wide range of potential solutions and applications, such as:

Cosmetic patches and applications

Medical applications and devices: Pharmaceutical delivery and devices

Sensors: Wireless and other distributed sensor networks, Disposable diagnostic devices
Contactless and powered smartcards: Credit cards, Security access and Biometric ID
Electronic shelf labels/smart shelves
Active and battery-assisted RFID

Other potential applications for printed batteries:
Smart toys
- Sound puzzles
- Children’s sound books
- Games
- Musical greeting cards
- Girls’/boys’ apparel and accessories with lights
- The rugged calculator notepad with light
- Power tattoos
- Makeup boxes
- Talking posters
- Electric e-card games

Power Paper's only limit is the bounds of imagination.

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