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Core Technology

"To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science" Albert Einstein

Innovation, imagination, and implementation are the cornerstones of Power Paper's environment-friendly, thin printable battery technology.

Power Paper pioneered the industry's first ultra thin and flexible, printable batteries more than 10 years ago. Today the Company’s batteries and integration technologies power a vast range of products in the consumer, medical and other industries.battery2

Covered by over 90 issues patents worldwide, Power Paper's core technology is based on an innovative process that enables the printing of
its batteries on a polymer film substrate by means of a simple mass-printing technology and proprietary inks. The clean energy cells are composed of zinc and manganese dioxide-based cathode and anode layers, fabricated from proprietary inks. Every layer of Power Paper's thin batteries, including the current collector, cathode, electrolyte, anode, adhesive sealing frame and separator, are printable onto a variety of film substrates. Power Paper's disposable batteries have similar elasticity and flexibility, as is its printing substrate and can be shaped to fit the size, thickness and form factors required by any product design.

The cells maintain a charge capacity that can be adjusted accordingly with the application requirements of a product. The current generation of the technology provides a capacity (per active area) of approximately 5 mAh/cm2, following a discharge regime of continuous current density per active cell area of 0.1 mA/cm2. Power Paper is currently at work on its next-generation batteries.
The Company's core battery technology has a number of differentiating features:
Highly elastic and flexible: size and shape can be customized to fit almost any design

Safe: contains no toxic chemicals and cannot overheat, explode, or cause burns or electrical shock

Environmentally friendly and Disposable: contains no hazardous materials and can be freely stored and disposed of after use

Competitive pricing: Power Paper's technology enables uniquely low-cost manufacturing processes

Strong IP protection

Seamlessly integrated into end products

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