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Quality Assurance

Power Paper implements world-class quality management in order to meet customers' requirements and expectations.

 iso13485-e   2000

To achieve the Company's quality goals, Power Paper's management and employees have adopted the following principles:

• Maintaining world-class ISO compliant quality systems in all internal and external production sites.
• Creating quality through application of modern Quality Assurance methods at all stages of product design and development (Robust Design and Design for Manufacturability) and production (Statistical Process Control and Lean Manufacturing).
• Clinical testing of product safety and efficacy standards: ICH – GCP clinical regulations (gold standard).
• Manufacturing of Power Paper product formulations according to GMP regulations and testing of the formulations according to CTFA guidelines.
• Complying with ISO 14001:2004 and Green label standards to preserve the environment and protect the health and safety of its customers, employees and neighboring communities.

Quality and environmental certification:

• ISO 9000 and ISO 13485 (medical devices) certification
• ISO 14,001 –Environmental management system certification
Cosmetic Certification from the Israeli Ministry of Health

• Green label – application underway for an International Greel Label - Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), as well as for the Israeli Green Label through the Standards Institution of Israel.

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